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Get Your Boiler Health Winter Ready!

With the warmth of the summer months ebbing towards the colder winter months, now is the time to start thinking about giving your boiler some much needed TLC. There are several things you can look at doing yourself to check your boiler health is in good working order alongside the annual servicing every boiler should have.

Switch it on!

One evening, turn your boiler on for a few hours to check its performance to see if it the system seems healthy. This is the most basic check that will indicate whether any further checks need to be carried out.

Insulate you pipes

If this is doable, this can give the additional support needed to prevent pipes freezing resulting in potential boiler failure. When pipes are exposed they are more suceptable to changes in temperature that can cause damage/blockages and problems throughout your heating system.

Check the radiators

Are your radiators colder towards the bottom when they are on? If so there may be trapped air somewhere in the system, bleeding the radiators should solve this and return your radiators to good working condition. If the problem persists it may be a sludge build-up, in which case it time to call in the professionals. Follow this link for a handy guide to bleeding your radiator:

Check the boiler pressure

Most boilers have a pressure gauge which should site between 1 and 1.5 bars. If the pressure is too high try bleeding the radiators, if the pressure is too low try using the refill loop. If the pressure remains tempremental then you will need a professional to look further into it. Follow this link for the British Gas Guide on how to check your boiler pressure:

Check the flame

The flame in your boiler should be a clear blue. A flame that looks smoky or yellow in colour at all this is a sign of poor boiler health. We recommend you call a professional immediately!

Let your boiler breathe!

Ventilation is incredibly important for your boiler to work at its best. If it is in a cupboard or boxed in, do not store clothes/towels/shoes in with it. It will stifle the boiler and reduce efficiency, the air needs to be able to circulate around it.

Get a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

A carbon monoxide leak is very serious and indicates problems with your boiler health. Carbon Monoxide can be dangerous to the health of you and your family. Check your alarm using the test button.

Check the thermostat

Is the thermostat responsive? If you think there are problems with it make changing the battery your first job. If that doesn’t work, call a professional.

Give the boiler a clean

Getting rid of dirt and debris buildup can be all that’s needed to improve performance. A blocked flu or dust/debris buildup will affect your boilers ability to heat your home effectively. Make sure any cleaning you carry out has safety in mind.

Arrange an annual service

Ths is a must for any home owner. Professionals will notice things the untrained eye will miss. The service maintains your boiler health and also protects the health and safety of you home and occupants. iGas Engineer offers annual service contracts among other preventative and maintenance contracts. Follow this link for more info on the range of boiler servicing contracts we at iGas offer:

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