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There are several things you can do or learn that can save you money on your plumbing and keep your home running efficiently. Try out some of these things to prevent or delay you having to make that call for potentially costly plumbing work.

Get there early!

When noticing a dripping tap or your water being slow to drain away, address the problem as soon as you can. By fixing things when they are small and easy to solve you prevent problems building to the point a costly plumbing callout has to be made.

Know where your shut off valve is!

By taking time to find out where your shut off valve is and making sure you know how it works you can save yourself a whole load of damage and costs should a pipe burst. Many people don’t know these things and when the unexpected happens a lot of preventable water damage and costly emergency plumbing callouts are the result. By being in the know you can save money on your plumbing.

Flush it right!

The only thing you should be putting down the toilet is toilet tissue. Items such as wipes and sanitary towels that may be marketed as flushable will still cause your toilet to clog. This can result in expensive plumbing repairs. Things that you wouldn’t necessarily think of such as hair and even bleach can damage your pipes as well.

Strain your drains!

Having things such as hair and bits of food going down your drains will cause a blockage over time. A simple way to reduce this issue is to put drain strainers in your sinks and baths/showers to catch any debris. To prevent build-up clean out your strainers weekly. For examples of drain strainers that can help you save money on your plumbing go here:

Stay grease free!

You may have been taught that pouring grease down your drain is ok as long as you flush it through with hot water and washing up liquid. This method cannot guarantee all grease is removed and a build up may occur as a result. This may occur in your own pipe system or cause problems further down the line in your neighborhood system. Rather than risk this happening we recommend you put grease in a sealable container and that you wipe out your pots/pans before washing them.

Flush it through!

If you have drains that don’t get used very often they can start to get a bit whiffy. To stop this from happening pour baking soda and vinegar down the drain, leave for 20 minutes or so and then flush through with boiling water. Do this every few months. This should keep your drains smelling fresh all year round.

Is it you?

There are things outside of your control that can contribute to blockages and costly repair work. It may be a good idea to get a sewer service so they can check via telescopic camera whether there are any tree roots or damaged sewer pipes. This could help get to the bottom of any recurring problems.

Go for the coil!

It is not necessarily best to rely on liquid drain unblocker as the chemicals can cause damage to pipework in the long run. It may be better for you to invest in a drain coil to get to the heart of blockages and break them down. If you are after a basic drain coil you can get them from b and q here:


Your pipes are more vulnerable in the colder months due to water expanding as it freezes. If your pipes are subjected to extremes of temperature it can cause them to warp or split. By insulating your pipes, especially if they are located outside your building, it will protect them from extreme changes in temperature. This will ensure your water and drainage supply is not interrupted. A great way to save money on your plumbing and keep you toasty all winter long.

Have a go!

There are plenty of plumbing jobs that you will find are a lot simpler and easy to fix yourself than you would think. There are a lot of online video tutorials that you can watch that will instruct you in the simpler tasks. Staff at local hardware stores can be very helpful in recommending the right tools for the job, or may even be able to advise about some of the simpler jobs. Talk to friends and family who may even have tools that you can borrow which will save you even more money. For an example of how to simply fix a leaking tap see here:

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