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The Smart Heating System

When thinking about your home’s heating system you now have a wealth of options. These options are designed to make your home as responsive as you want it to be to suit your lifestyle. The smart heating system you choose could give you unlimited access to boilers, radiators, thermostats and anything else on your heating network. With many homes now on broadband it means you can access your smart heating system anywhere with a wifi connection.

Not only does the smart heating system allow greater control, the look and feel of the systems are better too. Thermostat control units don’t have to stay mounted on the wall now. You can move them to whichever room you want to set as your base temperature for the rest of the house. They can sit on the side or be put on the wall if you prefer. The traditional twist dial is a thing of the past, most new models are touch screen for ease of use.

Linking your boiler to a smart heating system gives your boiler the best chance of effectively heating your home cost effectively. This will keep both you and your wallet happy all year round. You can create zones throughout your home which you can set at different temperatures depending on their use. Along with multiple zones (which often come with multiple thermostats) you can attach thermostatic controls on your radiators as well. This means you have the option to control each radiator individually or you can assign them to different zones within your home.

Which system?

The two main smart heating system providers we use at iGas are the Google NEST and Drayton Wiser. The Google NEST can be linked to other Google smart products to create a fully integrated home system. Google offer products such as a carbon monoxide and smoke detector, doorbell and security cameras. The Drayton Wiser system has specifically designed radiator thermostatic valves and smart plugs. Perfect for adding a variety of appliances to your home network. Both systems come with a user friendly app that you can download to control your homes smart heating system from wherever you are.

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