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Why it’s important to take care of your boiler in the summer

Be safe, get your boiler serviced this summer - Heywood Heating Ealing  plumber

Its important not to forget about your boiler during the summer months. In fact its best if you diagnose any problems your boiler may have during the summer, as you’re not using it so it wouldn’t be as inconvenient as it would be running into problems during the winter. It would be a huge relief to have that peace of mind everything’s working smoothly for the winter.

What can I do to maintain my boiler?

  • Run your heating regularly. Most boilers work at their best and benefit from being turned on at least once a month.
  • Bleed your radiators. – (check our our guide on how to bleed your radiators)
  • Get it cleaned.
  • Get it serviced.
  • Check the pressure.

Prevent dust gathering in the system

It is highly recommended that you run your boiler at least once a month in the summer. This is important because if you leave the system idle for longer than a month, it allows dust to gather. Such grit and dust can come from a number of sources including corrosion in the pipes. If this dust is given the chance to gather, it can then cause a blockage or interfere with the functioning of the pump.

Radiator valves can become jammed if left closed for too long

It’s also recommended that you open your thermostatic radiator valves (TRV) during the summer months. The problem is that the packing inside the valve can get stuck if it is left for too long. Meaning that when you try to open the valve it probably wont work. These radiator valves can remain functional for up to six months after being closed. But why would you want to risk it leaving you with a bigger problem come winter?

Annual boiler service in the summer

Get your boiler serviced in the summer! During winter months it becomes more difficult to have your boiler serviced at a convenient time due to high volume. Engineers are often less busy in the summer months which makes it extremely convenient for them to come out and service at a time that is more flexible for you. Because this is also the off-season for boiler maintenance, it is easier to make a booking with the company of your choice. You can often get the ideal time and date to fit in with your schedule. If there is any faults found the engineer will be able to come back and fix it much quicker.

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